It is time…let’s Reconquer America!

Knowledge is power. Help me spread the good word by becoming a affiliate seller of Reconquer America. It is easy and you can earn money by simply placing an ad on your website.


If you are familiar with Amazon Associates Program, then you can simply do a search for Reconquer America in the Products menu, copy the HTML, and post it to your site.

For those of you that do not know let me walk you through the process. Navigate to the following link:

Toward the top of the page click “Join Now For Free”

Reconquer America - Hudson FlyntIf you are already a customer with Amazon, then they will ask you to login. If not, then they will ask you to sign up with an email address.

Once your signup is complete, you can enter the ISBN for the book (978-0-9845779-5-8) into the search for product menu.

Click the “Get Link” button.

Reconquer America - Hudson Flynt


From there you can customize the Banner or Link, copy the HTML, and post it into your website.
Reconquer America - Hudson Flynt









Amazon is currently paying between 4%-8% depending on how many books your sell from your link.

Barnes and Noble:

Barnes and Noble allows affiliate sales and commissions as well. The B&N Sign Up process is a little more involved. You fist need to sign up for an account with LinkShare which you can do through the link below:

Once you have signed up, you will need to share your Linkshare ID # with Barnes& which can be done at the link below:

Once you submit this, the Barnes&Noble Customer Service Team will review your site, and then they will email you with further direction on posting a link to your site.

The commission for items sold through this program is 6%

Thank you for spreading the word about Reconquer America.

Stay free, my friends.

~Hudson Flynt