Reconquer America – a never ending story

Our democratic system of voting allows victory to begin at the ballot box, but to take back America, we have to strengthen our country and encourage achievement, one individual at a time. But, the ballot box is ONLY the first step. You see, your vote is like the wedding day, but what about the marriage? Too many of us focus on the Wedding Day and not the quality of the marriage.

This is where Reconquer American – a never ending story comes in; it’s like a marriage that lasts a lifetime. What you do daily as an individual makes lasting difference.

The format idea of Reconquer America was formulated 2 years ago. Hudson Flynt knew from experience that it took everyone (all hands on deck, as he calls it) to do his or her part. Its original format was to be a ‘live’ book that changed every month as Americans wrote via blogs. The best comments would have been compiled, edited and published monthly to ebooks. Then, the best of those would have been compiled into one, annual Reconquer America book. This way, Americans would have written and illustrated each new book – by Americans, for Americans. Stay tuned; this format will be ready for your story on January 24th, 2011.

Stay free, my friends,
-Hudson Flynt

If you want to participate in writing a new history of America, please send an email to