Since I have assumed command to inspire Americans as of 9/12/2011, it is important to establish my precepts as we go forward.

Memorize my 10 Commandments; they will be useful for future assignments. The road to travel is long and we must take courage in the midst of this battle. What I am saying is that for our country to succeed, liberalism must be defeated and I am a servant to this new movement to Reconquer America. Stay tuned for your next assignments.

Hudson Flynt’s Ten Commandments:

  • Freedom: live for her; die for her.
  • Revolt righteously.
  • Life and games have rules. Learn them well and play to win!
  • Do not waste persistence on the lazy. Allow pain to sober him.
  • Ask a child anything difficult in five words or less. Your own answer is buried in your asking.
  • Rush to planned selflessness. It emancipates your children from deficits and endows liberty upon your grand children.
  • Live within your means and achieve financial patience. Riches grow from this vine.
  • Learn the definition of friend. Evaluate and replace their influence according to your goals.
  • Do not buy cheap; it costs too much.
  • Stay out of your neighbor’s pockets; those dollars you covet are probably slick with sweat.