Chapter Titles

  • Work Like a Mexican
  • Study Like Chinese
  • Invest Like the Wealthy
  • Survive Like Jews & Overcome Like African Americans
  • Innovate Like Japanese
  • Be Excellent Like German Industry
  • Celebrate: Plan it Big & Plant it Small


By Americans – For Americans

Hudson Flynt

The idea of Reconquer America was formulated over two years ago. Hudson Flynt knew from experience that it took everyone (all hands on deck, as he calls it) to do their part. Its original format was to be a ‘live’ book that changed every month as Americans wrote via blogs. The best comments would have been compiled and edited to ebooks. Then, the best of those would have been compiled into one, annual Reconquer America book. This way, Americans would have written and illustrated each new book – by Americans, for Americans. Stay tuned; this format will be ready for your story on January 24th, 2013.

Nonetheless, the idea of Reconquer America started several years ago. It was born out of Hudson’s love for coaching individuals and businesses about how best to accomplish their goals. He often advised them to emulate first generation Americans if they were to get off on the right foot. In my interview of Hudson Flynt, we discovered that he demands a ‘must happen’ commitment before even spending time with anyone. He stated, “in order to move from where you are you need two things. For one, you must

have desire, and two, opportunity. Desire comes from within. Opportunity comes from this great country”. Hudson further summarized that he was often disappointed by what he called a common thread of fear and failure, lack of commitment. He realized that many wanted success, but were not willing to do what it takes to get it.

Since Hudson decided to write the first Reconquer America book himself, he found a wealth of Americans who contributed to its writing. Some Americans were quite unlikely for the respective chapters. For example, in the chapter titled ‘Work Like a Mexican’, we interviewed a Caucasian, middle-aged woman who is not Mexican. However, she knew the value of sacrificial living to increase her net worth.

Hudson Flynt is a business owner who received daily requests for employment and financial assistance. How he responds to requests for employment was outlined in the Appendix, ‘How to Get a Job’. How to give financial assistance (a helping hand) is discussed in chapter 4, ‘Survive Like Jews & Overcome Like African Americans’. What’s more, in chapter 3, Hudson Flynt surprised me and my staff when he gave his secret to stress-free laughter. WOW!

A theme throughout Reconquer America is the ‘who, what, and why’ of contagions. We asked him about his choice to describe friends and family in this manner. His confident smile supported his statement, “Contagions are always there. Either they work for you or against you. They are relentless at what they do”.

Take your place in American History. Buy Reconquer America now. It’s a vote for America, your America.

Sandra Powell
Content Director, Reconquer America
(315) 707-4461