Politics 4

Pride is a strange double edged sword.The other day I went out with my 7 year old daughter. We passed by a little family in the park, and we can see that the little boy needed help flying his kite. He was with his mom and two other little siblings. The dad was not there for whatever reason; she could have been a single mom or the dad just could have not been there.The son is out there trying to fly his kite. What he should do is put his back to the wind with the front of the kite facing the wind. The string should be long enough to reach the heights to catch the wind.

But here’s where pride is a strange two edge sword.  I offered help, understanding that my help may not necessarily be received. That’s a prideful movement by the son who doesn’t want help at all to get his kite up in the air. Then when the son did finally decide that he needs help, the person who offered to help him should lower their pride and not feel the previous rejection. They should be ready to assist. This is a better way to help someone.

p.s. My regards to the family, friends, and fellow patriots of Andrew Breitbart. He is as one crying in the wilderness.

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